L’Art de Bien Manger

  • La Cancoillotte, also the Drawing Room

    La Cancoillotte, also the Drawing Room

    La cancoillotte, when I first heard the word I thought it’s a type of dance maybe, or something old fashioned-yet-rather-fancy to wear. Now I assure you it’s something much more mundane, in fact, it is cheese. Or almost. I remember when I moved to France people always were so thrilled, France! Of all countries, café… Read more

  • Spring Leeks and Progress at the Chateau

    Spring Leeks and Progress at the Chateau

    I got a bucket of spring leeks on the farmer’s market the other day, fresh from the green grower around the corner, juicy and spicy, just the way they’re supposed to be. It’s just so wonderful so see all the fresh products coming in right now, strawberries and artichokes, asparagus and fresh garlic! Cooking strictly… Read more

  • Oh Provence

    Oh Provence

    Last weekend we made an escape down South, as we do pretty much every year around this time, mainly for wine but also to fetch spring home. Basking in the sun and first alfresco dinners, admittedly wrapped up in a warm blanket but still, alfresco. Rosé and fougasse and fresh goats cheese. First strawberries of… Read more

  • Yellow Kiwis and 2024 Retreats

    Yellow Kiwis and 2024 Retreats

    Here we are, right into spring, magnolia tree in full swing and the fruit trees just about to explode. It’s kiwi season here in France, which means vitamin C galore and pavlova. Very irresistible. And well deserved, given the drains are done and the bulk of the garden overgrowth trimmed. We also gave up our… Read more

  • Gingerbread No Bake Cake and Beeswax Candles

    Gingerbread No Bake Cake and Beeswax Candles

    There are winters that are ok and then there are those that aren’t. That for some reason or other feel darker and colder and never-ending, after all. When no matter how high you build a fire in the grate and how many logs you shove into the wood eating burner in the kitchen, your bones… Read more

  • Watercress Potage Meditation

    Watercress Potage Meditation

    I catch myself silently moving through the many rooms, brushing my sleeve against odd pieces of furniture, carefully stepping over the many boxes containing memories of other people’s lives. Ghostlike. Then I try and tidy up a little, finding treasures and chests without keys and very peculiar things too, getting lost between the pages of… Read more