L’Art de Bien Manger

  • Gingerbread No Bake Cake and Beeswax Candles

    Gingerbread No Bake Cake and Beeswax Candles

    There are winters that are ok and then there are those that aren’t. That for some reason or other feel darker and colder and never-ending, after all. When no matter how high you build a fire in the grate and how many logs you shove into the wood eating burner in the kitchen, your bones… Read more

  • Watercress Potage Meditation

    Watercress Potage Meditation

    I catch myself silently moving through the many rooms, brushing my sleeve against odd pieces of furniture, carefully stepping over the many boxes containing memories of other people’s lives. Ghostlike. Then I try and tidy up a little, finding treasures and chests without keys and very peculiar things too, getting lost between the pages of… Read more

  • Late to the Party – La Chandeleur

    Late to the Party – La Chandeleur

    The 2nd of February in catholic tradition is a high holiday, it’s the day Maria presented Jesus at the temple, yet like so many catholic traditions, the holiday has its roots in old pagan rite, the hailing of the sun returning and light winning over darkness, old hat really, yet very powerful. Living in the… Read more

  • January Snow

    January Snow

    The weather has turned eventually, and it’s become wonderfully wintery, snow falling softly yet steadily turning everything into white dusted cake. It’s very cosy inside though, with the woodburner in the kitchen and all those cats sleeping the day away. We’ve successfully introduced our fifth member of the crew into our family, the last of… Read more

  • Moving in

    Moving in

    We have moved into our new home on New Year’s Eve. It was of course not at all planned like that. Instead we intended to have had moved by the 26th and easy time getting to know the new place, the new neighbourhood, checking out a few hides etc. and a blast at a very… Read more

  • 24 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – Joyeux Noel

    24 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – Joyeux Noel

    Joyeux Noel, Merry Christmas my dear friends from near and far, may you have a Very French one!  Read more