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L’Art de Bien Manger, that’s not just cooking but after all the spirit that goes along with it.

Two to four days culinary retreats, celebrating the art of French cooking and feasting.

Experience French country life with its local traditions and dive into historic recipes, all in a unique setting, an 11th century chateau on the banks of the Saône river.

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Le Chateau
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Do it with grace, eat it with taste.

Cooking Nostalgia
at the Chateau

Each retreat is themed around local and seasonal ingredients and culinary traditions, traditions that are slowly fading in the eye of modern world hustle and bustle, and that I have made my quest to preserve, celebrate and share, firmly believing that not everything old should be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Days usually start with a French breakfast in the medieval chateau cuisine, followed by a deep dive into preparing a “heritage” dish, wild boar terrine in autumn for example, or boozed blackberry jam in high summer. We prepare lunch together, discovering the simplicity of French country cooking. During the full cooking nostalgia experiences, afternoons are spent visiting local wine growers or shopping for antiques. We also visit the local farmer’s market and hunt for seasonal ingredients. Of course we never miss apéro before easing into dinner preparations.

The Vibe

Sharing food traditions through my culinary retreats, I aim at making your stay a truly wonderful experience, first and foremost. If you improve your cooking skills while here, tant mieux (all the better)! My approach to cooking always is joyful and playful. We’re making an art de vivre here, mind, no competition of pros with tweezers in a lab kitchen. We learn our food with all our senses, also, if you’re entirely of the eating and drinking kind, enjoying the result rather than the process, of course you are most warmly welcome here too.

exploring French seasonal dishes,
historic recipes and most of all,
having a really good time together

But most of all, there are stories, intervals of our lives shared, a touch of the soul. That’s the Art.


L’Art de Bien Manger starts with the produce, the love put into growing and tending to the ingredients, the care put into sourcing, the lien between human, work, soil and harvest, resulting in a deliciously sustainable local and seasonal cuisine. L’Art de Bien Manger, this is an ode to the good, true and beautiful, not in its immediate superficial light (though a pretty dress really is of importance), but in a much deeper sense as the expression of how we appreciate ourselves in treating our environment.

It’s setting a beautiful table, lovingly selecting the best linen and porcelain, flowers, glowing in the soft and charming light of candles. It’s animated discussions, tales whispered over the fireplace, laughter in the garden. It’s finding our own beauty to mirror the beauty of what surrounds us.

L’Art de Bien Manger, this isn’t a goal but the way to take you there, the quintessence in the alchemy of cooking. And this is what we nurture during my retreats. There is cooking, lots of it, and wine, and champagne. French dishes and dishes from where I come from and new breeds. There’s food history and the history of feasting, there’s splendid tables and starry dishes. But most of all, there are stories, intervals of our lives shared, a touch of the soul. That’s the Art. 

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    La cancoillotte, when I first heard the word I thought it’s a type of dance maybe, or something old fashioned-yet-rather-fancy to wear. Now I assure you it’s something much more mundane, in fact, it is cheese. Or almost. I remember when I moved to France people always were so thrilled, France! Of all countries, café…

  • Spring Leeks and Progress at the Chateau

    I got a bucket of spring leeks on the farmer’s market the other day, fresh from the green grower around the corner, juicy and spicy, just the way they’re supposed to be. It’s just so wonderful so see all the fresh products coming in right now, strawberries and artichokes, asparagus and fresh garlic! Cooking strictly…

  • Oh Provence

    Last weekend we made an escape down South, as we do pretty much every year around this time, mainly for wine but also to fetch spring home. Basking in the sun and first alfresco dinners, admittedly wrapped up in a warm blanket but still, alfresco. Rosé and fougasse and fresh goats cheese. First strawberries of…

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