La Fête de la Saint Jean

„On dit que le vieux Baron sautait encore plus haut que les gars du village – Rumour has it that the old baron beat the youngsters in jumping over the bonfire.“


Thursday 20 June to Sunday 23 June 2024

Brief outline: 

June is the month of the Fête de la Saint Jean, when midsummer is celebrated with bonfires and red currant wine. In the old days, the menetriers, the country musicians, played up their wind pipes and all the folk from near and far came and danced and made a very merry time. We’ll follow in the tradition by setting the scene to celebrate those wonderful long summer nights, learning about foods connected with the Saint Jean and preparing a rustic French country dîner. Usually under the stars, weather permitting, and with a little bonfire to demonstrate our jumping skills.


1200 EUR, accommodation, food and beverages included.


Le Chateau
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Le Chateau
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