Starry Nights and Glowing Cheeks

„Seul le Bon Dieu saura ce que la Baronesse a fait comme voeu quand elle voyait l’etoile filante – God only knows what the Baroness wished for when she saw that falling star.“


Thursday 8 August to Saturday 11 August 2024

Brief outline: 

Mid August, when the tomatoes are just so delicious and the nights full of stars. It’s the Fête du Quinze Aout almost, when myriads of stars dart through the night sky, a time for making wishes and, with a little luck, see them come true. We’ll set up the big table in the garden and celebrate this wonderful time of the year, nature’s bounty and all the summer abundance of the land that surrounds us. Stargazing and lots of wishing included.


1200 EUR, accommodation, food and beverages included.


Le Chateau
F-70360 Chemilly

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Le Chateau
70360 Chemilly


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