Tower rooms available for booking
from May 2024

How about spending a holiday in Sleeping Beauty’s tower?

Le Chateau
F-70360 Chemilly

Depuis une aurore lointaine, très lointaine, je suis sur la route, je suis en marche. Quel pays ai-je quitté? Je l’ignore, et je ne l’apprendrai que parvenu au terme de mon voyage, dans mon nouveau séjour.

Jules Maurie, Testament D’un Pauvre, 1928

A holiday spent in a very special place

Chateau de Chemilly dates back to the 11th century and was, back in the days, a venerable stronghold controlling the trade routes on the Saone river. As history has it, it had been ruined severally and with gusto by all kinds of enemies including kings and vagabonds. Yet its belfry tower seems to defy everything (with gusto too I suppose). All guest rooms are located in the tower, where you’ll enjoy bohemian vibes paired with modern comfort.

Each room comes with double or twin beds, a private bathroom and sitting area and a little office corner for you to write and dream.

A cosy garden with a terrific view awaits you, as well as a patch of grass under the trees where you can snuggle up and read the day away.

I’d like to make your stay absolutely wonderful and you can choose from a menu of services and activities, like booking us for creating a dashing soirée together.

Prices starting at 90 Euro, please write me a message for further inquiries.

L’Art de Bien Manger

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Le Chateau
70360 Chemilly


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Of course if you’re coming to Clos de Verniers, most importantly you will not do much except enjoying life to the fullest.