3 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – Champagne

No need to resort to alcohol to resolve one’s life’s issues

As we have learnt yesterday, in France there is no need to resort to alcohol to resolve one’s life’s issues, as one leaves those in the care of Le Père Noel. Hence alcohol, in France, generally is purely meant for your enjoyment and leisure, your betterment and the gift of brilliant conversation. Never drink teary eyed but put a smile on your face, pinch your cheeks and put some lipstick on (see also door no 13) to greet the King of all alcoholic beverages: Le Champagne. Sparkling, ephemeral, beautifully refreshing and spicy, it’s all there, and it’s meant to elevate you straight into that wonderfully light Christmas mood. Flirt with the next best stranger in the street? Of course you do! Compliment your boss on his choice tie? Absolutely, see also door no 10. Life is too short for grey days, so let it sparkle! 

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