2 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – Le Père Noel

Le Père Noel will take care of it

The French have wonderful solutions to just any problem, ranging from outwaiting the issue to downright fiercely reject any responsibility whatsoever in connection with the issue, they are rather practical and in most circumstances remarkably effective, I admit. The best I know of, however, is writing to Le Père Noel. Because in France he replies back to you, in fact he is even legally obliged to. Think of nasty colleagues at work and obnoxious children, impertinent in-laws or the general rotten state of this our earth – he’s sure to take care of it. 

Write it all out on paper, every single bit, all the complaints and wishes and dreams and spritz a little of your favourite perfume on it. Also don’t forget to kindly thank him for his indefatigable mission of bettering humanity in general and your life in particular. Post to the following address: Petit Papa Noël, 1 rue du Ciel Étoilé, Pôle Nord. Don’t forget to add your return address. 

Now that you have rid yourself of the bores and chores of life, it’s time to get into that French Christmas mood for real, see door no 3 tomorrow! 

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