Asparagus Season and Booksigning Apero

Asparagus season is nearly over yet I caught these stunners at the market some days ago, don’t they look just absolutely fabulous! I love asparagus, and given my kitchen admits strictly seasonal produce only I’m always a little sad when asparagus season is over. Alas, soon we’re having the first violet artichokes from the south of France, which means artichoke salad with summer truffles galore (you can find the recipe in German in my cookbook btw).

Plus I have exciting news for all of you folks in Switzerland, I’ll be signing my book on two occasions very soon and would absolutely love to meet you in either St.Gallen or Zurich at my book signing apero! Here’s the details:

St.Gallen, 8 June 2022 | 2.30pm to 5pm at Trudy&Vinz, Gallusstrasse 33 in 9000 St.Gallen

Zurich, 9 June 2022 | 6pm to 8pm at Betulius&Töchter, Gertrudstrasse 68 in 8003 Zurich Wiedikon

Can’t wait to see you there, oh my, Switzerland my Switzerland!

Until then, here’s the how to for this gorgeous purple asparagus, I hope you’ll have fun trying it (don’t forget the champagne):

What you’ll need

  • Purple asparagus, about 3-4 stalks per person for light starters
  • Smoked haddock as much as you want
  • Sea salt
  • Fresh butter from the farm
  • High quality olive oil (I get mine directly from a small family run huilerie in the South of France)
  • Sherry vinegar
  • Optional: Mayonnaise with fresh herbs, I got mine from the deli fishmonger at the weekly market, delish

How to cook it

Cut the stalks to the same length, if you got very fresh and good asparagus you just cut away about 1cm. Your knife should effortlessly cut through, if it feels a little woody, cut a little bit more. Transfer to a wide and shallow pan and add water, just so the asparagus will not be completely submerged. Cover with the lid and bring to boil and then reduce the temperature to minimum, simmer for no longer than 5 minutes in order not to overcook. When they’re done, turn off the heat, pour away half the cooking water and add a nut-sized morsel of butter and some sea salt, cover with the lid and let sit for three minutes. Gently shake the pan two to three times. Meanwhile stir the vinaigrette by combining 2 parts of olive oil with one part of vinegar (say 1dl of oil to 0.3dl of vinegar for a table of four), whisk until you obtain a homogeneous saucy texture.

Cut the haddock into thin slices.

Transfer the asparagus to the plates and whisk the cooking salted-water-butter that remains in the pan to a nice sauce, pour over the asparagus. Then add the fish and sprinkle some vinaigrette over, serve immediately.

How to eat it

With a dollop of mayonnaise and fresh herbs, a nice little glass of rosé champagne to go along and the soirée will be divine.

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