Tartine au Saumon on a Train

This is a quick one, one for eternal travellers. Salmon tartine. Take a rather large but thin slice of bread, toasted on both sides. In a little bowl, mix fresh goat cheese, cream, dill, half a shallot finely chopped, capers, pink pepper, grated lemon zest and a hint of sea salt. Scoop over the bread, add a bit of fresh lettuce and as many slices of cured salmon as you like. Garnish with fresh herbs and some oeufs de lompe, poor men’s caviar, if available. 

Enjoy with a glass of bubbly while imagining to be sitting in a train,  listening to its gentle rocking and rattling and watching the land fly by your window.

2 thoughts on “Tartine au Saumon on a Train

  1. As it happens, I am curing salmon right now. I don’t have the Mirabelle that you added, but gin,I believe ,is a good substitute especially for its hint of juniper.
    For your next voyage, use salmon roe instead of lump fish. A little less salty and much prettier!


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