Fried Flowers

We’ve taken last week off and enjoyed staying about the house, go swimming and doing this and that and generally being very lazy, given we’ve been having another bunch of those fabulously splendid riviera-weather-sunny-and-all days. We also paid another visit to our darling upholsterer who has an absolutely wonderful nostalgic shop in the middle of a wonderfully French town, ordering beds for the guestrooms-to-be. On our way back home we took the small country lanes and picked up some zucchini flowers from the farmer nearby, they made an excellent apero dish, along with a glass of crisp white burgundy. Everything is golden now that we are moving into autumn, and around sunset the world is glittering in this peculiar late summer glow.

This week I’ll be tidying up the writer’s home, I’m beyond happy it has already found a new owner and such a perfect one above all. One who adores books and is respectful of the past. Who speaks the language of the muses! I truly feel at rest giving the house away into such good hands. Mother is here to help packing up and come Sunday we’re having another village feast with brocante, weather willing we’ll be selling old stuff again in her courtyard, as last time was so much fun.

What you’ll need

  • A bunch of fresh zucchini flowers, with or without the zucchini attached
  • 1.5dl light beer
  • 100g all purpose flour
  • a pinch of fleur de sel
  • a lot of sunflower seed oil for frying

How to make it

Mix beer, flour and salt and let sit in a deep dish in the fridge for about an hour. I usually make it in a shaker.

Heat the oil in a small frying pan, add as much oil so the flowers will be almost covered in it. Dip the flowers in the beer-dough and fry golden on each side for a couple of minutes. Transfer to a grid so the residual oil may drip off, serve in a nice dish.

How to eat it

With a glass of white burgundy, the perfect apero for late summer evenings.