These are called Müüslichüechli, mouse cakes, can you see? The stem of the sage leaf the tail? Right? As a child I loved all form of food in animal shape. Hedgehog-brioches and pears-with-chocolate-mice. And Müüslichüechli. 

I still do.

What you’ll need

About 20 sage leafs, 1dl of sunflower seed oil, 1.5dl of beer, 100g of all purpose flour, pepper, salt.

How to cook it

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. The dough should be as liquid as thick cream. Dip each leaf in the mixture and deep fry in  sunflower seed oil. Drain well.

How to enjoy it

These are perfect apero treats. Why not with a glass of icy cold Lillet-and-soda.


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