12 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – Baguette and Cheese

Baguette and cheese will do tonight

This is Monday 12 December today and I think baguette and cheese will do tonight. 

Or in other words, another quintessential ingredient for a French Christmas: Less is more. Always. 

Provided the quality of the less is superb which, again, translates as: get a very good baguette from a baker renowned for baking very good baguette, get a very good cheese from a crèmerie renowned for having a choice selection of very good cheese, and by the way you may as well get a bottle of wine to go along with it. Very good wine, of course.  

Candlelight and a good song and there goes your perfectly French December Monday eve. 

This is Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar! Advent calendars are a huge tradition where I come from: you make little gifts for your loved ones every day until Christmas Day, fourandtwenty little surprises. The advent calendars come in beautifully old fashioned prints on cardboard, with extra glitter, and each day there’s a paper door waiting for you to pry open. Others are more elaborate, pretty baskets filled with twenty four numbered parcels, decorated with red velvet ribbons. The one I’m making for you this season is altogether a different one, and, quite obviously, it’s about beloved France, Christmas in France, and after all, what it takes to celebrate a proper French Christmas.

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