Et Voilà a Glimpse of our Home-to-be

There’s these moments in life, when you just know, when you just know exactly that this is it, without any reasoning and rumination at 3 am, beyond any doubt. So, driving up to the hamlet for the first time, in a way, I joked we just did the site visit with the real estate out of courtesy and imagined his face if we just turned up like hello, oh we’ll be taking it anyway so don’t bother showing us around, happy not to take up your precious time.

Then, walking trough the gates we just looked at each other, this is eerie I said, it feels as if we just came home.

It’s like someone dumped our dear Jonvelle house a little downriver next to a tower in the middle of a clearing in the woods and added a range of rooms to it. The same vibe 100%. So here it is.

The first thing we did when we got the keys was to plant two roses, one red and one white, and henceforth we will look after this darling place with all our heart and soul.

7 thoughts on “Et Voilà a Glimpse of our Home-to-be

  1. Selina this new abode is just perfection! I know “that feeling” very well..when you just know! Congrats! 🥂


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