Workshop Update

2022 moves like a whirlwind through my life, things we thought were lost are found, things we thought are settled are suddenly shifting, and me trying to move with the tide and gather not too close to the edge where the wind blows strongest.

So, as many of you probably are already aware of, we will have left our village by spring 2023 to move a stones throw further downriver. Granted, we’ll still be sitting at the banks of the Saône and we’ll still be surrounded by field, forest and pasture plus the new place has a surprisingly familiar look about it, so that in the end it feels like moving home from home.

Will there be crazy renovations? Yes. Will there be makeshift adhoc and how will we fix this situations including why-am-I-doing-this? Absolutely. Will we all the while continue hosting our culinary retreats? Of course! We decided a gap year would be too boring yet to be on the safe side, however, anticipating that we’ll have a general grasp of the most vital bits of the “how-to-properly-use-your-new-house-manual” by summer, we’ll host them in the second half of 2023, one mid-September and the other mid to end of October 2023. I’ll publish the dates as soon as we have the keys and a clearer view on a feasible programme.

Meanwhile, this year’s October moonshining workshop still has open spots, so this is your last chance to spend a couple of days cooking and feasting in our darling home in Jonvelle. Drop me a message at if you’d like to join, registration closes by 25 September.

Aaaaand further down are the highlights of one of this year’s summer workshops, stunningly shot my the super talented photographer Cassandra Jackson-Baker, Goodness, this woman is a corker! Rumour has it that she is available for bespoke shootings including events, now if you’d like to have those memorable moments on screen and paper this is the time to get in touch with her.

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