Leberli – Liver on Toast

Leberli, that’s liver. Before vacuum packaged meat in neat supermarket ranges, meat was rather a local thing. And when the farmer brought an animal to the butcher, it was quite natural to use everything, no waste you see, not because it was trendy, but because it was normal. No one in their right mind would throw perfectly useful things away. Which in the case of meat implies loads of rather adventurous recipes for tripe and tongue and brain and whatnot. While I was never really keen on meet (because that story with the Güggel) I absolutely loved liver, much to the astonishment of the grown ups. Having a soft spot for my soft spots, my mother would therefore often cook liver, and my favourite was liver and parsley on a slice of roasted old bread. 

What you’ll need

About 100g of fresh veal liver, room temperature and cut into pieces about 2x3cm, one medium chopped onion, a couple of fresh parsley twigs, finely chopped, a teaspoon of flour, a sip of cognac, salt, pepper, butter for frying.

In case the liver still has a lot of blood, consider keeping it in a bowl of milk overnight, this will drain the metallic taste away.

How to cook it

Melt the butter at medium temperature in a wide frying pan. Add the liver and brown at medium temperature for about 3 minutes. Set aside in a warm spot. Stir-fry the onions with a sprinkle of flour, deglaze with a sip of cognac when done. Let simmer for a minute, then add liver and parsley and sizzle for another five minutes at low temperature. Meanwhile, toast a thick slice of bread in fresh butter in the frying pan.

How to enjoy it

Arrange the liver on the toasted bread. Enjoy with a glass of juciy burgundy wine. IMG_8954

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