2020 Workshop update – Flädlisuppe

This was meant for the Swiss Weeks, Flädlisuppe, a regular on my grandmother Nani’s Sunday table. Now everything has changed.

I’m devastated to announce that all the workshops until and including July will be cancelled due to the current situation. For those of you who have already booked, I’m looking into alternative dates, however, there is a lot of uncertainty. I’m desperately hoping that we can hold the dates for the ones later in 2020. Please accept my sincere apologies.

I know it’s small comfort, but here’s the recipe for Flädlisuppe, simplicity in these times of chaos.

We kids really loved Flädlisuppe because Flädlisuppe involved Omelette for dessert. Swiss Omelette. An Omelette is something between a French crèpe and an American pancake in terms of texture, a typically Swiss compromise one could say. 

The Flädlisuppe consists of a thinly sliced Swiss Omelette which we call Flädli, chopped chives and clear broth. And because there’s no use in making just one Omelette for a Flädlisuppe you might very well make a high pile and stash them in the oven for dessert. With sugar and cinnamon. And apple compote.  

What you’ll need:

150g flour (T80 or lower), 1 egg, 3dl milk or water-and-milk, a pinch of salt, oil for frying (I normally use sunflower seed for this purpose), 1 litre of stout bone or vegetable broth.

How to cook it:

Mix all ingredients until you obtain a liquid dough. Let sit for about an hour. In a wide frying pan heat a generous drizzle of oil. As soon as the fat is hot, pour a dollop of dough and move the pan in order to have it running flat. Fry at medium temperature until the omelette comes off. Turn and fry the bottom too.

Cut into thin slices, arrange on a soup plate and pour hot broth over it. Garnish with freshly cut chives.

How to enjoy it:

This is a simple soup, no chichi, so why not with a glass of fresh Muscadet.


5 thoughts on “2020 Workshop update – Flädlisuppe

  1. So that’s kind of a variant on using noodles or dumplings – or even the crunchy noodles you put in Chinese soups. Hey, don’t stress about the workshops. We all feel the same; we need to stay home and stay put until we can flatten, or find medicines to make social gatherings safer. Priorities first. Fun second.
    Right now, we are starting our second week of distance learning, with joy, and frustrating hiccups, and totally tiring! So I posted something on IG just to let far flung friends that we are OK but I really need to put my nose to the grindstone, which is as pleasant as it sounds!
    Love to you, and Lars, and Alice, and the kitty tribe, but especially you.


    1. Thank you Lisa, tough times out here, this thing is real. For the moment the biggest trouble is explaining the old folks in my village that they shouldn’t go to the shops but give me a list and I’ll do it for them. I fully feel for you, having a teacher friend who said the online lessons are much harder than the old way 😅! I also heard that a lot of kids don’t have access points and/or parents who are not really helpful. So sad. Take care you all, gros bisous 😘😘😘


      1. You are the kindest person! It is hard to try to do a favor for someone who probably thinks their independence is being taken away from them. I hope I’m flexible when my time comes!

        I am really proud of my little state. The Governor today said no one is going without internet access, our phone companies are giving access free of charge for two months, and for those who only have phones, free hotspots. I feel for the parents who have full time jobs who need to work from home and help their children at school. Impossible situations, but our district, at least, is asking people not to stress. We will work it out, we’re making it work already. Just concentrating on staying put and working hard.


      2. I’m so glad to hear this! We see similar acts of solidarity everywhere, on Lars’ initiative, his company for instance donated old iPhones for the school ☺️


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