The Putru

For sure, you must have heard of the Putru. It is about the size of a weasel but it has only two, infinitely long and shapely legs while feathered wings replace the forelegs, also its tail, which is rather lengthy in relation to its tiny body, is feathered. One might mistake it for an oversized jumping mouse, considering the small rodent like head and the disproportionally large ears or, when it roams the gardens anxiously flapping its wings, using the tail to keep its balance, for a small pheasant.

Its fur shimmers blue in the light, is very dense and soft, with long hairs. Except that the hairs won’t come in flat silky waves but would rather stand on end. As well around its generously bulging ears, giving the animal just such an out of place look. After all, one would think it a very odd fellow if it weren’t for its round, velvety eyes. In them is mirrored the endless sadness of the dejected creature.

I could go on and on about this little friend, its predilection for peppermint and (women’s) perfume (as food) and soft music, its ability to find the most impossible places to have a nap (which is what it most of the time does, napping). It’s intermittently romantic turns and general daft grumpiness.

Hellmut von Cube, a long forgotten author, has sketched them perfectly in his little book “Tierskizzenbuch”. It is out of print for ages, but now and then, if you are lucky enough, you may happen to come across it at the antique bookseller’s. It has the most beautiful cover:


Mr von Cube rightly writes that Putrus are of a very rare species. Although, if I think of it, I’m sure a colony of them has taken up lodgings at the Les Poissonchat’s. But you need to look very carefully, sideways. Otherwise, I figure, you will not see them. Like all these exacting scientists, sleuths of reality, who think the Putru is a figment of your imagination. It’s useless to argue with such people, and surely, they will never ever see one, as a Putru only shows itself to whom it likes.

As it nearly impossible to photograph a Putru, here are some sketches for you to have a look at (and two Poissonchats, our heraldic animal).  I hope that those who already saw one will be gentle with their criticism, it is just awfully difficult to put a Putru’s character on paper:





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