Snipping and Sewing

Naked arms in the gentle breeze, grass tickling your feet, plunging into early summer, an athmosphere for cool silks, flowing gowns and flower crowns in your hair. This calls for “just a little snipping, then a little sewing, and it’ll all be good as gold”, as the norn said in Neil Gaiman’s story “The Ocean at the End of the Lane”, one of Madame’s favourite contemporary novels. Evidently, even the most shattered little personal universe can be fixed with snipping and sewing, if properly done, of course.

This time, however, Madame Poissonchat is not busy with fixing tattered little universes, but with stiching for a happy marriage, putting all her good wishes and thoughts into the work. Les Poissonchats have been invited to a wedding:

A gown made from boxwood labyrinths, moss and old stones still warm from the sun:

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