Behind the Veil

Once upon a time, in a forgotten corner of eastern France, surrounded by deep forests, peaceful waters and tiny little old fashioned villages, les Poissonchats took up their lodging in a sleepy old cottage that eyes a river to the south and a narrow village street to the north. They have been busily breathing back the life into the veins of the old building ever since, scrubbing wormeaten floorboards, whitewashing crumbling walls and freeing ancient chimney stones from soot, dirt and paint.

Their friends, curious to know what a Poissonchat’s life is like in such a forlorn spot, were shown shaky cell phone pictures from time to time when les Poissonchats decided to embrace the 21th century and tell their tale on a proper blog (with less shaky pictures hopefully). They are going to charm you each month with a new story to lift you over to their enchanted lands.

The Poissonchat family, this is, Mr and Mrs Poissonchat with three little furry poissonchats: Maître Pdt (“Pdt” means Pomme de terre in french which is Potato in English), Le Chat Sauvage (who pretty much came to like civilisation) and Piouche (who simply is “Piouche”).

And here are some impressions:







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