23 Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar – If All Else Fails

If all else fails, have another glass of wine

French insurance against everything: if all else fails, have another glass of wine. I know we said that there is no need to resort to alcohol to resolve one’s life’s issues because Santaclaus (see door no 4), however, as goeth the saying, there is an exception to every rule. As a rule of thumb, the exception must really be genuine, i.e. happen under the most exceptional circumstances, now mind, this is somewhat given in that Christmas is exceptional in its own right, and we may add that the exception is granted only after having fruitlessly tried everything else (as a matter of fact over the past 22 days you have been presented with a treasure trove of Very French solutions to everything, see doors no 2, 5, 9, 10, 14, 15 and 20), only then you may for once resort to alcohol to resolve your life’s issues. 

However please do it the French way, which means pretty glasses and quality booze, after all, you’re worth it. 

This is Les Poissonchat’s Wondrous Advent Calendar! Advent calendars are a huge tradition where I come from: you make little gifts for your loved ones every day until Christmas Day, fourandtwenty little surprises. The advent calendars come in beautifully old fashioned prints on cardboard, with extra glitter, and each day there’s a paper door waiting for you to pry open. Others are more elaborate, pretty baskets filled with twenty four numbered parcels, decorated with red velvet ribbons. The one I’m making for you this season is altogether a different one, and, quite obviously, it’s about beloved France, Christmas in France, and after all, what it takes to celebrate a proper French Christmas.