One Day Retreat

L’Art de Bien Manger – The Baroness’ Wants Terrine

„Madame la Baronne voudrait bien préférer une terrine – Madame la Baronne prefers the terrine“


Saturday, 9 September 2023 

Brief outline: 

September is the month of harvest, nature’s bounty and celebration. It is traditionally the month of making preserves, shifting the focus on the colder months to come. In a time when refrigerators and freezers were not yet invented, a healthy and well stocked pantry was the pride of the house, and so we’ll strive to excel in the art of preserving food, following the steps of the imaginary baroness who once lived, laughed and feasted in this peculiar chateau. First and foremost, we dive into her favourite preserve: how to make French terrine from scratch.  

The retreat comes with a wine tasting, plenty of cooking together and discussing historic recipes, rounded up with an elegant five courses festive Diner Francais, based on local and seasonal ingredients and wine pairing for each course. It starts at 11am and runs into the night.  


Our foods are mostly local and seasonal, as well as farm grown/raised/killed. The methods by which we prepare it being old fashioned sometimes, or what in our modern times is called „slow food“. We nevertheless appreciate the invention of the electric mixer. We love rusticity with a certain „je ne sais quoi“, simplicity with a sparkle, and candlelight. We also love oysters and champagne, dazzling dresses and laughing too loud. Life, after all, is too short to be pretentious. 


360 EUR per person. Participation fee includes one night accommodation, dinner and lunch on Saturday and a French breakfast on Sunday morning, plenty of wine and all that goes along with. Attendees residing outside the chateau premises will be chauffeured back in the evening. Participation fee does not include any fares to/from the venue on arrival/departure day. Upon your request we are happy to organise a driver who will get you at your own expense from the nearest airport or train station. 


The workshop will be held at our private house in 70360 Chemilly in the Haute Saône departement, a medieval fortress turned chic farmhouse with a rich and spicy history at the banks of the river Saône. The chateau is a huge restoration project which makes it a unique setting for discovering and living history. The chateau comes with a tower over a thousand years old, this is where we cook up our famous French dinners and rustic lunches. 


There’s two chateau rooms with private bathrooms which will be available. It is possible to add an additional bed in each chateau room (3 persons max capacity). For those who prefer more modern comforts, we offer accommodation in a holiday home outside the village. We provide chauffeur service from/to the chateau to the external accommodation. The rooms go on a first-book-first-served basis. Please indicate if you prefer a chateau room or external accommodation upon booking. Please also indicate if you’re willing to share a room.


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