Mini L’Art de Bien Manger

These are one day workshops with a focus on creating an elegant and sumptuous five course dinner based on seasonal local produce and a selection of fine wines. We’ll spend time outside in the garden foraging herbs and edible flowers, an occasional swim in the Saône or venture upstream by boat.

Each of the five mini L’Art de Bien Manger sessions has its patron French painter, our source of inspiration for creating a magical atmosphere: Henri Le Sidaner for June, Jan Monchablon for August, Odilon Redon for September and Gustave Moreau for October. The 2021 mini workshops will take place on the following dates:
  • Le Sidaner: 29 May
  • Sold out | Monchablon: 21 August
  • Redon: 17 of September
  • Moreau: 23 of October

Brief outline: 

The workshops start at 11am in the morning with a session on local produce and food philosophy, accompanied by a selection of French terrines, pâtés and cheese. In the afternoon we continue with the dinner preparations, diving into specific cooking techniques such as cheese making,smoking or pasta making. Group size is limited to six persons to keep it private and neat, so hurry up to book your spot.


The cost of participation is EUR 280.- per person. It includes dinner, lunch and all that goes along with it. It does not include any fares and accommodation. There are very nice B&Bs in the neighbourhood and we are more than happy to direct you to the one that suits you.


The workshops will be held at our private house in the upper north of Bourgogne-Franche Comté, halfway between Paris and Zurich, or Dijon and Nancy. It is advisable to come by car, upon your request we are happy to organise a driver who will get you at your own expense from the nearest airport or train station.

Please contact us at for further information.