Full L’Art de Bien Manger

L’Art de Bien Manger

L’Art de Bien Manger, which is not just cooking but after all the spirit that goes along with it. L’Art de Bien Manger with good people for a few days. Of course there will be cooking, lots of it, and wine, and champagne. French dishes and dishes from where we come from and new breeds. Porcelain, crystal glasses and silver. Pique-niques, delicacies cooked under the stars in summer. Bonfires, fairy lights in the trees. A midnight swim in the river for those who really dare (I wouldn’t, neither would Monsieur, because of the thing with the gleaming eyes). But most of all, there will be stories, intervals of our lives shared, a touch of the soul. That’s the Art. 

Three days workshops: 

I’m happy to announce the first three workshop dates for 2021, L’Art de Bien Manger continues no matter what:

The Picnic (13 – 15 May 2021): May is just the perfect month for what we call The Picnic workshop, of merry outings and champagne on the lawn. Cooking activities will be centred around preparing little delicacies for the picnic basket, terrines and pâtés, salades gourmandes and little sweet treats, tartes and gateaus. In the evening, we will cook up the most glamorous dinners, sit at the large table with the windows wide open to let in the crisp spring air, sip a cognac at the fireplace later in the night. Tell the tale of your life.

Sold out | Dinner under the Stars (6 – 8 August 2021): Golden fields, fiery sunsets, the air warm long into the night. Bonfires with sparks matching the falling stars, sweet juicy mirabelles, the first apples of the season, purple dark figs, ever so rich and mellow. We will move outside, have dinner under the stars, cook over an open fire, hang fairy lights into the trees. Swim, go boating. Lie lazily in the shade with a glass of elegant white. Dance around the fire, perhaps?

Ride of the Valkyries (15 – 17 October 2021): As the season will come to a close, we will host one last feast, hold on to the golden autumn with rich dishes, ruby red wine, fill the kitchen with a perfume of molten sugar and foreign spices. Perhaps a little dance to keep the fiery wind at bay. Strolls across the reaped land, hunting for fresh rose champignons and the first quince. Do some proper moonshining. Make champagne cocktails with hawthorn syrup.

Please note that I changed the cancellation policy to reflect the situation which means that you will get 100% of the fee refunded if you can’t attend due to the Coronavirus and/or according travel restrictions. Contact me at hello@lespoissonchats.com if you’re interested in joining, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!


Brief Outline:

The workshops will begin around 11am in the morning. We will start with cooking a light lunch together and slowly move into dinner preparations in the afternoon. Dinner will be at least a five course menu, for after all, we are in France. On the third day, we will prepare another light lunch together and round off the workshop with coffee and mignardises in the afternoon, except for The Picnic, which will be concluded with a festive dinner on Saturday. Group size is limited to six persons, to keep it neat and private.


The cost of participation is EUR 1000.- per person for The Picnic and EUR 800.- per person for all other workshops. It includes two dinners (three dinners for The Picnic), three lunches, plenty of wine and all that goes along with. It does not include any fares andaccommodation. There are very nice B&Bs in the neighbourhood and we are more than happy to direct you to the one that suits you.


The workshops will be held at our private house in the upper north of Bourgogne-Franche Comté, halfway between Paris and Zurich, or Dijon and Nancy. It is advisable to come by car. Upon your request we are happy to organise a driver who will get you at your own expense from the nearest airport or train station.

Please contact us at hello@lespoissonchats.com for further information. IMG_8753