About me

I have waited, helped to run a small independent restaurant, was part of a catering team, worked as a shopgirl, studied, hosted loads of glamorous dinner parties, worked in marketing, didn’t like that, decided to join the big boy’s world instead, learned a lot there, travelled, met really interesting people, met a lot of people who thought they were really interesting, lived in the city, went to concerts, read a lot of books and cooked.


And bought this puzzling house in this lost spot in France with my husband Lars a few years ago. I fell in love instantly, with the landscape, with the light, the air, the battered old villages, the woods. 

And slowly a vision dawned. Of sharing all this beauty with good people, exchange, expand, of providing the opportunity to be part of our peaceful place, somewhat off-world. A vision of creating a personal experience, a deeply felt amity, thus something more unique than a B&B or a restaurant. A vision of bringing people together, creating a wonderful ambiance, nurture true companionship. There is nothing more appropriate to this purpose than food and good wine, the alchemy of the saucepan. Do a little kitchen magic, this shall be our catalyst. Welcome to the L’Art de Bien Manger culinary workshop.