The Monthly Poissonchat


I hear rain falling on leaves, on the flagstones, spattering the windows now and then. Otherwise silence. Now listen to these “things that move the heart: How moving is the grasshopper’s cry at the end of the Ninth Month, and at the beginning of the Tenth, when it sounds so feeble that one can hardly tell whether it is really there…” or “…in a garden during the late autumn the dewdrops glittering like jewels on the asaji reeds…”            (The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon)


“Well, honest man,” says the king, “and how is it you make your money so aisy?”

“By makin’ old things as good as new,” says Saint Kavin.

This is an extract from a curious old Celtic fairy tale titled “King O’Toole and His Goose”, edited by Joseph Jacobs. It is such a soothing thought, that there are beings who are here to mend, to set wrongs right. Who would rather repair than throw away. Beings who make a broken world as good as new. And I wish that we may hold up this strange Saint as an example and endeavour to heal brokenness whenever we can and make our world a beautiful place for all creatures and living beings to dwell and prosper.


Whenever we started this blog we wanted to share something about us on a monthly basis. Turns out we’re not very punctual but we still like the idea of the Monthly Poissonchat, we like it so much really, that it should not remain an empty page. And as, whenever they’re not working away on one of their idées or roaming the countryside, Les Poissonchats are reading a book, they come across a lot of people who are (some of them sadly are a were) tremendously good at saying what we think. Or do. Or like. So we decided to fill the Monthly Poissonchat monthly with sentences that stick, resonate. Collect them here instead of just earmarking the book. And here’s the one for July. It’s from D.H. Lawrence, who probably did not always show the nicest of him personally, but who had that peculiar clear-sightedness, a look through the veil, which he translated to words for us. This is one a true déclaration d’amour.

“…he was the hole in the wall, beyond which the sunshine blazed on an outside world.” (D.H. Lawrence, The Rainbow)