The Baron’s  Pantry

„Monsieur le Baron voudrait savoir ce qu’il y en a au cellier – Monsieur le Baron would like to know what’s left in the pantry“


Thursday, 14 September to Sunday 17 September 2023

Brief outline: 

September is the month of harvest, nature’s bounty and celebration. It is traditionally the month of making preserves, shifting the focus on the colder months to come. In a time when refrigerators and freezers were not yet invented, a healthy and well stocked pantry was the pride of the house, and so we’ll strive to excel in the art of preserving food, following the steps of the imaginary baron who once lived, laughed and feasted in this peculiar chateau. First and foremost, we dive into his favourite preserve: how to make French pâté from scratch.  


960 EUR, accommodation, food and beverages included.


Le Chateau
F-70360 Chemilly

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Le Chateau
70360 Chemilly


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